Sunday, November 05, 2006

Maintaining My Spirit

"Into each life a little rain must fall." For some of us, it is an unremitting downpour. Some people seem to me to have a very serene sail through life. Some of us aren't so lucky. It also seems to me that often the person most affected by events is a parent. I always notice other mothers with worried faces. Grandmas, Grandpas, Dads, too, but especially moms.

Often, we need to do something good for ourselves, even for a few seconds. That time can most often be when we are exhausted from all that we can't control but merely must deal with, and when we lie down to sleep. Lately, I have been chanting to myself in my head. It usually goes something like this: warm and dry, safe and calm. Over, and over and over again.

Some people can read stories and not be affected by the turmoil in others' lives. Some people don't see themselves drawn into such things. And, for some people, it is comforting to know that other travelers have their own difficulties.

I recognize that even with all that goes on that discourages me to my bones, I am still here, still coping and need to find ways to raise my spirits, a few seconds at a time.

If you have a cat or a dog, you are fortunate indeed. Most of them can soak up as much stroking as you want to give them and they don't complain or shift uncomfortably.

During one bad period years ago, I remember turning up the music in my car almost painfully loud and shout-singing along while I drove between one place and another I had to be that was neither comfortable nor comforting. Sometimes Vivaldi just makes me jumpier.

One of the things I do now is to spread a lavender salve near my nostrils before bed. I also put Jergens original scent lotion on my hands because that was the scent my mom always used. When my husband is away on one of his frequent business trips, I play love songs on the CD player. Every night, I also play ocean waves crashing on the shore. I need to dig out those slippers I was given that have a microwavable packet with herbs. This time of year, warming the feet in the evening is one of those things I do that comforts me.

Restoring my spirit so that I can sleep and get up to get through another day, hopefully with some humor and some moments when I feel connected and useful, is my aim.


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