Monday, July 06, 2009

Trying New Foods
Alan is actively trying out new foods. On our recent trip to British Columbia, he ate easily in restaurants, always finding something on the menu for something he enjoyed previously or even trying something new. This past weekend, he ate broccoli instead of corn one evening and replaced BBQ chicken with chicken with rice soup. All the new foods are his own idea.
When his 17 month old niece demonstrated that she relished smoked salmon, Alan decided to eat smoked salmon, too, and ate it yesterday. He asked for a smoked salmon avocado sandwich from our friends, the Cormies, when we visited them. He first ate this sandwich on June 23.
He says he is going to try other soups like he has done with the different flavors of Near East Rice Pilaf.
I am glad he is getting his braces off this summer, either in August or September, because he can then eat the crunchy foods in salad. He used to eat salad and also ate baby carrots with hummus before he got his braces.
We are getting him to get his own cart at the grocery store and I hope to see him pick up some new items next time.



Blogger The Glasers said...

That is completely awesome!!!!

Smoked salmon avocado . . . that is way out there on the autism food chain! LOL!

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