Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alan Skypes with his Grandma
Yesterday, Alan's Grandma turned eighty-five. I was extremely tired all day yesterday and laid down in my bed at 9 p. m. I could hear Alan in his room. I realized he was on Skype and he was greeting his Grandma. I don't know if he has ever Skyped with her before. He has Skype on his computer in his room and I don't always know when he is using it. It sounded to me as though he was greeting her appropriately, wishing her a happy birthday. I don't know what all they talked about as I did not listen to it beyond that. Around 9:30 I shouted to Alan that he needed to take the dogs out. When he came in, he came to see me. I asked him how his call went. He thought it went fine. I asked him how he ended the call. He said that he had to go now. I sure hope it went as well for Grandma as it sounded from what I could get from Alan. Initiating a birthday call and carrying it out on Skype seemed to me wonderful progress.



Blogger The Glasers said...

What a thoughtful thing for Alan to do!!!!! Was it Skype to Skype or did he call her physical phone from Skype? Awesome either way . . .

3:21 AM  

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